About Clerkingwell

First, my apologies for the immodest naming of this blog. “Clerkingwell” simply happens to resemble the name of a nearby area of London while also being a description by an impartial third party of the way I carry out my day job. (Mum is nothing if not impartial).

My name is Jeremy Hopkins. I have been a barristers’ clerk since 1989. I have clerked in several sets of chambers with a fair bit of variety: chancery and personal injury sets in London, a multi-disciplinary set in Bristol and a top commercial set in Gray’s Inn. I’m not sure whether my current role means I am still a barristers’ clerk or not, but I am now promoting the Bar at least as much as I ever was, as Director of Operations at Riverview Law

Expressed on these pages are simply my own personal and independent thoughts, usually on matters of legal practice. I write for fun, because I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others and because it is a useful exercise of the mind. And, of course, it also helps me keep on top of my game in my day job.

I hope you find these pages of interest and possibly even of use. Whether you do or not, I’d be pleased to receive any comments, either on these pages or to jezhop@gmail.com



4 thoughts on “About Clerkingwell

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks very much for following on Twitter and for the retweet.

    May I encourage you to have a look at our new legal pricing website http://www.validatum.com and register so we can keep you up to date with developments in the legal services pricing arena and to receive our weekly blog posts with practical tips, commentary and analysis.

    Kind regards, Richard

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Just tried to send you an email but it bounced. I’m contacting you from the BBC and have several questions about clerking. Could you please email me your contact details? laura.gray@bbc.co.uk



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