Trust and Barristers’ Fees

I wonder why there often seems to be mistrust between solicitors and barristers’ clerks when negotiating fees.   It is perhaps driven by a perception that barristers’ clerks are invariably seeking the highest possible fee in the relentless pursuit of maximising their “percentage”.

This is a misapprehension.  In many sets (certainly the more commercially-savvy ones) the clerks’ focus is on developing sustainable relationships with solicitors and clients, for which a reasonable and transparent approach to fees is a prerequisite. 

Many solicitors might be surprised to know how much time and effort clerks put in to negotiating with barristers internally, trying to persuade them to accept client-driven fees rather than invoking the divine right to {hourly rate} X {as many hours as they feel like spending}.

Trust me.  I’m a barristers’ clerk.


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